ABBYY Business Card Reader для iOS

ABBYY® Business Card Reader for iPhone® is an easy-to-use application that automatically transfers contact information from business cards into your smartphone. Photograph the card you need and save the recognized data either to iPhone Contacts, or the app’s own digital storage (CardHolder), or simply export it to your account in Salesforce® CRM system in one touch.

ABBYY Business Card Reader for iPhone

Delegate the routine stuff to your iPhone

Thanks to proven optical character recognition technology from ABBYY, Business Card Reader quickly and accurately recognizes all types of contact information printed on business cards: names, organizations, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, website links and job titles

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ABBYY Business Card Reader for iPhone

Evolve your productivity with instant export to CRM

By using ABBYY Business Card Reader you can forget about routine manual work with contact cards and will fully focus on your business only! Now you don’t need to create a new Lead and manually fill in all the contact fields, as the app does it all for you

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ABBYY Business Card Reader for iPhone

Do business with international professionals

With support for 21 languages, BCR can serve as a reliable and indispensable aid during your business interactions with people from around the globe

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Product Versions

ABBYY Business Card Reader 5.0 ABBYY Business Card Reader 5.0 Professional Edition
ABBYY Business Card Reader 5.0Data export to Salesforce CRM is available separately by a one-month or a one-year subscription. ABBYY Business Card Reader 5.0 Professional EditionData export to Salesforce CRM does not require a subscription. This is a time-unlimited fully functional edition.

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