ABBYY Lingvo Content

ABBYY Lingvo Content is a Dictionary Writing System (DWS) designed for creating, updating, and managing dictionary content. It meets the requirements of both major publishers and individual authors, providing them with a multifunctional and easy-in-use Dictionary Writing System with an intuitive interface.


Multi-user dictionary  access

Multi-user access

You can easily manage projects involving lexicographers and editors residing in any corner of the globe.

Advanced dictionary entry structure

Advanced entry structure

Designed by lexicographers for lexicographers, Dictionary Writing System offers you all you need to create high quality dictionaries.

Export dictionary  to various formats

Export to various formats

You can export dictionaries in various formats to be distributed via desktops, mobiles, intranet or online.

Created in close collaboration with lexicographers and dictionary publishers, Dictionary Writing System will liberate you from routine work and focus on creative tasks. Dictionary Writing System is a client-server application which ensures safe storage and fast processing of any volume of data.

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