ABBYY FineReader 11 Corporate Edition

Full Feature List

Explore everything this award-winning optical character recognition software has to offer, including a broad range of functionality for various needs in private as well as business environments.

 Unmatched OCR Accuracy and Layout Retention

Exceptional Recognition Accuracy — Enhanced!
Delivers up to 99.8%* recognition accuracy.

Document Layout Retention
Retains almost all document layout elements: charts, diagrams, text columns, images, tables and more.

Multilingual Document Recognition
Processes documents with any combination of 189** languages; 45 languages include dictionary support with spell-check capabilities.

Automatic Detection of Document Recognition Languages

Integration with Microsoft® Word Custom Dictionary
Enables the creation of customized word lists for processing industry- or profession-specific documents.

Custom User Dictionaries
Users can add words and create custom dictionaries.

Font Retention

Table Cell Content Recognition
Allows specification of cell type and properties, such as text orientation, images, language and numbers in the Image window.

Processing of Documents with Signatures, Company Stamps and Line Numbering

Intelligent Background Filtering
Employs dynamic threshold technology, prior to OCR recognition, to automatically adjust contrast when converting grayscale and color images to black and white for better recognition results.

Recognition of Vertical, Color and Inverted Text

Recognition of 1-D and 2-D Barcodes

Recognition Mode for Faxes and Typewritten Documents
Allows users to specify a document’s “print type,” and apply it to the entire document, selected blocks or table cells.

Sensitive Information Redaction (Corporate Edition Only)
Removes sentences or words from the entire document for safe sharing with colleagues or customers.

 Multi-Page Document Reconstruction

ADRT® (Adaptive Document Recognition Technology) — Enhanced!
To preserve the structure of the original, ABBYY ADRT analyses and processes each multi-page document as a single entity, rather than as a batch of independent pages. Enables reconstruction of formatting elements, including:

  • Hierarchic heading structure
  • Table of contents
  • Headers, footers — up to 40%* Enhanced!
  • Vertical headers — New!
  • Page numbering
  • Footnotes
  • Fonts and font styles Enhanced!
  • Captions to Images/tables/diagrams
  • Logical Text Flow
  • Margin Notes — up to 70%* enhanced!

Re-Creation of Bullet Points and Numbering

Accurate Recognition of Magazine-Style Pages
Provides automatic and accurate conversion of complex page images with integrated text. Users can manually mark text areas for efficient processing of documents with background graphics.

Retention of Hyperlinks

Table Structure Re-Creation
Accurately recognizes and re-creates tables and spreadsheets, including multi-page tables, that are fully editable within Microsoft® Word or Excel®.

 Efficiency and Productivity

Custom Tasks — New! (Corporate Edition only)
Create and adds your most common conversion tasks to the FineReader start screen for easy access and automated processing.

Task Sharing — New! (Corporate Edition only)
Share custom Tasks among members of a workgroup.

Hot Folder and Scheduling — Enhanced! (Corporate Edition only)  
Allows users to designate a folder location on a local drive, network drive or FTP server or a mailbox to be monitored by FineReader, which will automatically process any file placed in the specified location. Users can run, stop and delete several selected tasks in the Hot Folder simultaneously, and schedule conversion for specific times.

Creation of Separate Documents from Hot Folder Subfolders (Corporate Edition only)

Mailbox Watching (Corporate Edition only)
Allows users to monitor input folders or schedule OCR processing. Automatically recognizes attachments received by email, like those sent automatically by multi-function printers.

Automatic Recognition
Automatically performs OCR as soon as a document is scanned or opened.

Fast Processing Mode — Enhanced!
Provides up to 70%* faster recognition as compared to Thorough mode.

Black and White Processing Mode — New!
Delivers smaller documents and up to 30%* faster results than Full Color mode.

High-Speed, Multi-Core Processing
Processing of multi-page documents is divided and performed in parallel to streamline workflow and increase speed.

Full-Text Search/Search-and-Replace Tool
Lets user find and replace words or phrases without saving to an external application.

Shared Languages and Dictionaries
Allows multiple users to simultaneously access the same set of user languages and dictionaries available on the network. Users can also add names, acronyms, industry lingo and other words to shared dictionaries.

ABBYY Business Card Reader for Windows — New! (Corporate Edition only)
Extracts contact information from paper business cards to Microsoft Outlook contacts and electronic business card format (*.vcf). Works with special business cards scanners, as well as traditional scanners and MFPs.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader — Improved!  
Quickly retrieves text or tables from any area on the screen including Windows Explorer file menus, error messages, Web pages, flash presentations and more.

 Archiving and PDF Conversion

Saving to Searchable PDF

Pre-Defined Profiles for Saving PDF Files New!

  • Best quality
  • Compact size
  • Balanced

Saving to PDF/A for Long-Term Archiving

Saving to Different Types of PDF (and PDF/A)***

  • Text under image
  • Text over image
  • Text and pictures
  • Image only

MRC Compression for Sharing and Archiving PDFs — Enhanced!
Provides up to 80%* smaller file size than the previous version with virtually no quality degradation.

PDF Outline Creation 
Automatically reconstructs PDF outlines for more comfortable navigating and reading of the PDF document.

Comprehensive PDF Processing
Processes any type of PDF, even scanned files without a text layer (image only PDFs) and files with non-standard encoding.

Saving as Tagged PDF Documents
Tagged PDFs are optimized for handheld and screen-reader devices. In this format, text is automatically reformatted to fit the current screen size.

Access for Visually Impaired Users
Searchable, converted documents are more accessible than the originals for people with visual impairments.

Document Properties Extraction
While converting PDF files, ABBYY FineReader can extract the following type of metadata: title, subject, author, and key words.

Detection of Internal Links and Hyperlinks in PDF
Retains internal links and hyperlinks in output documents.

Making Changes to PDFs
Allows users to make changes to PDF files directly in the FineReader text editor.

Export to DjVu for easy reading or archiving 
ABBYY FineReader 11 enables saving to DjVu, delivering high-quality, readable images requiring minimum of space. 

 Ease of Use

Results-Driven Interface – Enhanced!
Key functions are grouped together for easy access at the top level.

Intelligent Tasks — Enhanced!
Pre-programmed Quick Tasks make it easier to perform the most common OCR tasks.

Quick Preview of Opening Documents — Enhanced!
Lets you preview documents before opening, so you can more quickly select the pages or documents you need processed.

Recognition Language Name Automatic Suggestion — Enhanced!

One-Step Conversion from within External Applications and Windows Start Menu

  • Access from Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel® and Microsoft Outlook®)
  • Right-Click Access from Windows Explorer
  • Access from the FineReader folder in the Windows Start menu

Direct Export to Multiple Applications and Clipboard — Enhanced!
Supported applications include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Writer and Adobe® Acrobat/Reader. FineReader also supports export to e-mail applications, web browsers and clipboard. 

Broad Range of User Interface Languages
New in FineReader 11— Japanese.

Image Pre-Processing Tools
All image pre-processing functions for photo correction are grouped together, and can be quickly accessed from the Image Editor window.

Verification Tool for Proofreading — Improved!
Highlights questionable characters and words that aren’t found in dictionaries and offers alternatives for substitution. Alternatives for ideographic characters in Asian languages are also provided.

Text Editor
The smart Text Editor allows you to review document layouts and easily correct them before saving.

Split Document Tool — New!
Facilitates bulk conversion of mixed-type documents.

Document Pages Re-Numbering — Improved!
Enables easy page re- numbering after duplex scanning or splitting book pages.

Document Styles Editing — Enhanced!
Provides a special Style Editor that lets users create, change or merge font styles with ease. 

Direct Printing from FineReader

Hand Tool
Lets users move images in the Image Window.

Provides interactive tips that guide users toward improved results on each step. 

Recognition of Selected Pages

 Camera OCR for Digital Photo Recognition

Automatic Digital Photo Pre-Processing 
Automatically applies pre-processing functions on images captured with standard digital and smartphone cameras before recognition. These pre-processing functions include:

  • Detection of page orientation
  • Straightening curved text lines
  • Splitting dual pages
  • Deskewing
  • Correction of image resolution
  • 3D perspective distortion correction

Manual Image Editing Tools

  • Splitting images into multiple pages
  • Rotate (90°, 180°, 270°)
  • Crop
  • Invert
  • Correction of image resolution
  • ISO noise correction
  • Trapezium crop — Enhanced!
  • Blurred images correction
  • Brightness — New!
  • Contrast — New!
  • Levels — New!
  • Eraser

Select Pages to Apply Changes — Enhanced!
Enables changes to: all pages, odd pages, even pages and one or more selected pages.

 E-book Creation

ePub and FB2 formats New!
Enables e-book creation in the most popular formats, including EPUB and FB2.  

Send to Amazon KindleTM Account —New!

Saving to HTML with flexible layout
Enables saving to flexible HTML with native elements, for easy editing, indexing, searching and reading.

 Group Work and Collaboration (Corporate Edition only)

Support for Network Scanners and MFPs in ABBYY Hot Folder

Automated Network Installation
Automated Network Installation allows administrators to remotely install software from the server onto workstations using Active Directory, Microsoft Systems Management Server or the command line.

Managing Licenses in a Network
License Manager allows administrators to assign licenses to particular workstations, add new licenses and otherwise monitor license usage.

Distributed Document Processing
Share OCR processes among networked workstations, so multiple users can scan, recognize and proofread documents simultaneously.

Terminal Server Support
Concurrent licenses allow simultaneous usage using terminal servers in multi-user mode.

Export to SharePoint®
Facilitates information sharing and improves efficiency.


* According to internal ABBYY testing. Accuracy and formatting results can vary depending on factors such as document quality and scanner settings.
** Number of supported languages may vary in some local versions of ABBYY FineReader 11.